Titus Andronicus’ Patrick Stickles Defends Lily Allen, Condemns Courtney Love

Patrick Stickles via Instagram

Titus Andronicus’ Patrick Stickles Defends Lily Allen, Condemns Courtney Love

Patrick Stickles via Instagram

Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles is an intense and outspoken individual in person, as I found out when I wrote this feature about him. But there’s a distinct possibility that he’s even more intense and outspoken when he’s sitting at his phone or his laptop. He can be a weird Twitter follow, and in the past two days, I’ve been annoyed enough at his Twitter-talk to come close to unfollowing him. Sadly, both of those moments could be considered newsworthy: The one where Stickles defended Lily Allen from recent controversies, calling her “the realest in the game,” and the one where he took a look at Kurt Cobain’s recently unearthed cryptic death-scene note and decided that it meant terrible things about Kurt Cobain. Observe.

First, here’s the bit about Lily Allen:

Time for me to set the record straight for you Tumbling hipsters – leave Lily Allen alone! She’s the realest in that game #SITDAFUCKDOWN >:( If you wanna dis someone in that field, dis that other one they’re selling now, where you clink a link to “buy her look from the video” BARF. You know who I’m talking about, right? You’d have to be nodding off pretty hard to have not noticed the foul shit she be doing #42DECKS yupp. Anyway, Lily – insecure people will see a tribute as an insult if it means they get to have a fight to further their personal agenda. Another thing – saying that a person is beyond judgement because they are another race has gotta be the most racist thing I ever heard. This vow of silence precludes dialectic between cultures and therefore progress – a more equitable world grows more remote by these deeds.

And now, on Courtney Love:

Okay, as long as we’re talking, that note that the Seattle cops revealed that Kurt wrote, re: C Love? #OMO it says everything we always knew. lso, I think it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Courtney either, A ) had Kurt killed, or B ) forged fake “suicide note,” ditched real. I also want to go on the record saying that Kurt absolutely 100% wrote the songs on ‘Live Through This,’ ala BIG writing ‘Hardcore’ lyrics. Please don’t forget – #OMO stands for “One Man’s Opinion” #SLINGNEWHASH

Stickles’s recent appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, which was great, affirmed something I already knew: This is both a very smart and a very troubled young artist. I can’t wait for the forthcoming Titus Andronicus rock opera. But I also don’t agree with him on any of this bullshit.

[Photo via Instagram]

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