Gwar Launch Vaping Fluids

If you hang out with enough potheads, you already know that vaping — smoking weed (or, I guess, other things — out of hi-tech e-cigarette deals — is the new thing. And now, for their first public act since the death of founder and frontman Davie Brockie, better known as Oderus Urungus, the members of the long-running Virginia joke-thrash band Gwar have launched their own line of flavored vaping fluids. Somehow, this act of tasteful tastelessness is both not remotely Gwar and the most Gwar thing ever.

The flavored fluids, available today from Mt. Baker Vapors, come in personalized flavors like Bloodbath and Spew. In a statement, bassist Beefcake The Mighty says, “We only use freshly squeezed babies to give it that personal GWAR touch. I have even given up crack, to Vape these flavors full time!” Feel free to go shopping here. (This happens to be the day after New York City has banned e-cigarette use in public places, but careful observance of the law would not exactly be in the Gwar spirit, would it?)

And in heartening Gwar news, the band’s annual Richmond, Virginia Gwar-B-Q festival will happen this year. It’s happening 8/16 at Hadad’s Water Park, and it should be cathartic.

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