Watch A Teaser For Arcade Fire’s “We Exist” Video Starring Andrew Garfield

During Coachella’s second weekend, Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) appeared in a dress and wig during Arcade Fire’s performance of “We Exist,” the forthcoming Reflektor single about a son explaining to his father that he’s gay. (Before playing the song Win Butler told the crowd, “The right to marry anyone you want is a human rights issue.”) Now it looks like Garfield and the band were actually filming a music video; Arcade Fire just uploaded this teaser for it to YouTube:

Incidentally, the actor told USA Today back in 2010 that he was a big Arcade Fire fan: “I’ve only been listening to Arcade Fire, my favorite band. I saw them in New York. It was religious.”

Garfield hosts SNL tomorrow with musical guests Coldplay.

Good timing all around.