How To Dress Well – “Repeat Pleasure” Video

Last month, the insular R&B auteur Tom Krell, better known as How To Dress Well, shared the sharp and lovely “Repeat Pleasure,” the first single from his eagerly awaited new album “What Is This Heart?”. (He’s also shared another one called “Words I Don’t Remember,” and that’s a good one, too.) “Repeat Pleasure” now has a video, and it’s the first part in a trilogy from creative director Luke Gilford. Johannes Greve Muskat directed this one, and it tells the story of two young people attempting to deal with the illness of a loved one. (It would probably qualify as mumblecore if we could hear them talking.) Krell himself plays a couple of small roles. Check it out below.

(via Dazed Digital)

“What Is This Heart?” is out 6/23 on Weird World.