Cocktails – “Bob Pollard’s Mind” (Stereogum Premiere)

San Francisco rockers Cocktails play what Father/Daughter Records calls “no-frills blue collar power-pop,” and they do it well. Next month the label will release a 33-minute burst of Cocktails’ best stuff in the form of debut full-length Adult Life. The lead single is a catchy clap-along guitar ditty called “Bob Pollard’s Mind,” but it’s not a Being John Malkovich thing regarding a portal into the prolific Guided By Voices frontman’s consciousness. Rather, the song is a reminiscence about the good old days blasting records with buds. Some further detail from singer/guitarist Patrick Clos:

It’s generally about reminiscing about a time in which I/people had roommates, (everyone had tons of roommates at one time, right?) that were good friends, and sometimes you kind of wind up staying up all night listening to records… you may have fallen out of touch with those buds since that time, etc.. they may have fucked you over, etc.. or maybe it was a gf or bf.. but you still wonder what the fuck happened to them and you think about those days of listening to those records… In this case GBV…

the sort of fun double entendre with the song is that the line: “whatever’s on bob pollard’s mind” is in reference to the fact that dude pens more songs than i think anyone (maybe ever?)- and most of them don’t make a damn bit of sense (but they’re awesome).. so yeah, in that sense it’s about literally listening to whatever the fuck was on Bob Pollard’s mind at the time HE wrote those jams.

Listen to what was on Cocktails’ mind below.

Adult Life is out 6/17 on Father/Daughter.