Default Genders – “Everything Is A Lie And Everyone Is Completely Full Of Shit”

Last year, James Brooks, the artist formerly known as Elite Gymnastics, caused a minor internet-controversy shitstorm by changing his name to Dead Girlfriends, then eventually changing it again, to Default Genders. All the talk surrounding that unfortunately upstaged Stop Pretending, the very good EP he released at the same time. That hopefully won’t happen with whatever he does next. Brooks just posted a new Default Genders track with the heartwarming title “Everything Is A Lie And Everyone Is Completely Full Of Shit.” The track combines jumped-up acid-house drums and pianos with emotionally overwhelmed, under-the-breath vocals, a contrast of starry-eyed music and deep, intense feelings that’s served Brooks well. Listen to it below.

That video seems to suggest that Brooks has a new project called Magical Pessimism on the way.