DJ Dodger Stadium – “Love Songs” Video

DJ Dodger Stadium is the techno partnership between Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy, the Los-Angeles-based founders of the Body High imprint. They’ve been a going concern since 2011, and they’re about to drop their full-length debut, entitled Friend Of Mine. Lead single “Love Songs” is an absolute physical and emotional crusher, a rising tidal wave of mechanical noises and melancholy sentiments. “Lately I’ve been singing love songs by myself” goes the sample, which, fuck. The music is said to an aerial view of LA by director Daniel Pappas (apparently filmed by drone cameras) that just perfectly fits with the feelings the song evokes. “It was the first track we wrote for our album and [it] ended up setting the tone for the whole thing,” Samo tells The Fader. “It’s about heartbreak and the hypnotic loneliness of Los Angeles.” It’s gorgeous; listen below.

Friend Of Mine is out 7/8 on Body High. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “The Bottom Is As Low As You Can Go”
02 “Love Songs”
03 “One Who Lost”
04 “Memory Lane”
05 “Never Win”
06 “Trouble”
07 “By Your Side”
08 “Sit Down, Satan”
09 “The Dust”
10 “Friend Of Mine”