Sondre Lerche – “Bad Law”

Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche’s friendly indie-pop has always been slightly askew, but never has one of his songs absolutely smacked me across the face like “Bad Law.” The leadoff track from his forthcoming Please is a treatise on divorce that segues from righteous hand-clap disco-funk into jarringly aggressive outbursts. “When crimes are passionate/ Can love be separate?” he intones in contagious sing-song before breaking into an arching falsetto worthy of Pharrell. It’s completely awesome, and it achieves Lerche’s stated goal of giving listeners a means to vent their frustrations. Let yourself lose it below.

(via Spin)

Please is out this fall via Mona. Tracklist:

01 “Bad Law”
02 “Crickets”
03 “Legends”
04 “At Times We Live Alone”
05 “Sentimentalist”
06 “Lucifer”
07 “After The Exorcism”
08 “At A Loss For Words”
09 “Lucky Guy”
10 “Logging Off”