Stream Foxing The Albatross

The St. Louis quintet Foxing plays a breed of indie rock the likes of which I’ve never encountered before. It’s easy enough to break their album The Albatross down into component parts — a heavy dose of the harrowing emo and twinkly math-rock that’s been flourishing again in recent years, jazzy post-rock as filtered through Sufjan Stevens’ ambitious twee symphonies, piano-powered bloodletting as perfected by the Wrens on The Meadowlands. But like many bands saddled with the #emorevival, um, albatross, Foxing is notable more for the way they’re blowing open the possibilities of soul-searing Midwest basement music than for reverently going through the motions. It’s a wildly original album from a wildly talented band, and you should absolutely listen to it below.

The Albatross is out today on Triple Crown.

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