Conor Oberst – “Zigzagging Toward The Light” Video

Conor Oberst’s new album Upside Down Mountain is his first in a few years, and part of the reason he’s taken so long between records is that he was working on a sci-fi screenplay for his Monsters Of Folk project. Oberst doesn’t think that anything will ever happen with the movie, but it seems possible that some of its ideas crept into Oberst’s new video for the Upside Down Mountain song “Zigzagging Toward The Light,” the same song Oberst performed on The Tonight Show last week. The video is set in New York 10 years into the future, and it looks outwardly the same, but Oberst spends much of the video talking to an automated, omnipresent female voice. The black-and-white clip takes an unexpected turn toward the end, and apparently its story will continue later. David Altobelli directs. Check it out below.

(via Rolling Stone)

Upside Down Mountain is out now on Nonesuch.