Anand Wilder – “Wedding Day”

Yeasayer guitarist and Stereogum pal Anand Wilder and Maxwell Kardon have been working on a musical called Break Line since 2004, before Yeasayer was even formed. The project — which, per a press release, is based on “a labor conflict in a Western Pennsylvania coal town that their fathers had learned about from an old folk song taught in Quaker schools in the 1950s” — has been off and on over the years, but it’s finally come to fruition. Break Line The Musical will be released as an album this July with an all-star cast including members of Yeasayer, MGMT, Man Man, Dirty Projectors, Vampire Weekend, Sinkane and more. Our first trip to the town of Greenbelt is “Wedding Day,” which builds from a simply strummed folk tune into a euphoric, woodsy stomper. Listen below.

Break Line The Musical is out 7/15 on Secretly Canadian. Here’s the cast:

Singers: Aku Orraca-Tetteh (Dragons of Zynth), Chris Keating (Yeasayer), Haley Dekle (Dirty Projectors), Quinn Walker (Suckers) and Austin Fisher (Suckers), Ryan Kattner (Man Man), Cameron Hull, Anand Wilder (Yeasayer)

Musicians: Ira Wolf Tuton (Yeasayer), James Richardson (MGMT), Christopher Sean Powell (Man Man), Jason Trammell (Sinkane, Jaytram), K Ishibashi (Kishi Bashi), Austin Fisher and Quinn Walker (Suckers), Steve Marion (Delicate Steve), Lyndon Cordero Lopez, Daniel Schleifer, Charles Christopher Erway (What Cheer? Brigade) Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend), Jonny Hull (Jones Street Station), Samuel Muglia, Travis Rosenberg