Sublime With Rome Claim Linkin Park Had Cops Confiscate Their Weed

You are now asked to pick sides between Linkin Park and Sublime’s kinda-sorta-reunion thing Sublime With Rome. Have fun with that. The two bands had a show together at the KMFA Day concert this past Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. And after the show, Sublime With Rome frontman Rome Ramirez took to twitter, accusing Linkin Park of calling the police, who then confiscated Sublime’s weed while Sublime was onstage. This is obviously a supreme party foul, and it will forever leave the band open to the unfortunate Linkin Nark nickname. But the members of Linkin Park have said that this isn’t true. Also, a rep for Sublime With Rome has said that Linkin Park offered to replace the band’s confiscated weed, which is a fun conversation to imagine. Check below for the relevant tweets.

(via Alternative Nation)

Could a whole band be allergic to pot? Is that a thing? Also, why don’t we all use the phrase “bitch shit” more often in our lives?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty.]