Watch Spoon Debut “Rainy Taxi” At Primavera Sound ’14

Watch Spoon Debut “Rainy Taxi” At Primavera Sound ’14

Spoon have a new album coming sometime in the nearby, undefined future, and they’ve promised something called “R.I.P.” one week from today, though we don’t know what that is. This past weekend, the band played Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival, and, as promised, they played an as-yet-untitled new song. (UPDATE: It’s called “Rainy Taxi.”) For a notoriously studio-minded band like Spoon, a fan-made live video is not exactly the best way to experience a new song. But in the audio below, you’ll hear the skeleton of the type of song only this band can do. It’s got their own very particular combination of momentum, architectural precision, and weird noises (in this case, discordant avant-jazz piano runs). You won’t be able to see the band very clearly in the video below, but you will be able to hear the song.

You can also see some cool new swag and/or marketing materials for the Spoon release in this Instagram:

They Want My Soul is the name of the band’s 8/8 event in Hollywood.

“R.I.P.,” whatever that is, will be here 6/10.

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