YG & Blanco – “Block Party” (Feat. DB Tha General)

YG’s debut LP My Krazy Life is the best rap album that anyone has released in 2014, and nothing else is even close. YG could just chill for the rest of the year, and he already would’ve accomplished more than just about anyone else in rap. But he’s not doing that. Instead, he’s going a different way with an entirely new project. Along with the Bay Area rapper Blanco, YG is putting together an entire “project” (could be an EP or a mixtape or an album; we don’t know), and the Spanish production duo Cookin Soul is supplying all the beats. Cookin Soul’s warm, organic style is a big departure from the sparse, icy DJ Mustard tracks that YG is famous for rapping on, but on the new single “Block Party,” which also features the fellow Bay rapper DB Tha General, YG sounds supremely comfortable. It’s a gorgeously breezy track with a 2Pac sample on the hook and some wonderfully slow-rolling horns. Listen below.

There’s no real info on this new project yet, but I can’t wait.