Sia Sics Fans On Dry Cleaner After Unsatisfactory Service

Australian pop songwriting pro Sia is experiencing the biggest success of her own singing career with “Chandelier,” and she’s using that success… to rain down wrath on a dry cleaner she says ruined some of her clothes. As Billboard points out, Sia claims Metropolitan Garment Cleaning of Jamaica, New York messed up her wardrobe and refused to take responsibility. On Twitter, she posted the owner’s alleged response to her complaints — “I been taken to small claim court many time, don’t try to scare me, my insurance pay for lawyer, you no win” — and sought suggestions for how to punish the business:

After fielding suggestions from fans, she instructed her followers to post negative reviews on the dry cleaner’s Yelp page. She also tweeted the cleaner’s phone number but quickly deleted that one.

As someone who has railed against companies online after they screwed me over, I know how she feels, but seeing how petty Sia looks here, I am thinking maybe it’s better to keep my public shaming of businesses to myself in the future. Anyhow, know any good dry cleaners in Queens?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.]

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