The Midnight Hollow – “That Rabbit Talk” (Stereogum Premiere)

New York City’s the Midnight Hollow (Band To Watch class of ’12) has been bringing its brand of brooding, driving rock to Brooklyn venues for a couple of years now, and up to this point if you wanted to hear the band’s material it meant doing so live. One of the highlights of those live shows was “That Rabbit Talk,” a feet-moving and radio-ready number that starts with a pensive groove and later arrives at riffed-out crescendo territory. Recorded, it’s big-sounding, slick, and captures that live-show feel. Give it a listen below, and watch the fantastic, trippy new video for another of the band’s highlights, “Her Morning Glow” — both songs will be on the band’s upcoming self-titled EP.

The Midnight Hollow EP is out 6/24 via Bandcamp.