FKA Twigs – “tw-Ache” Video

The London conceptual pop singer FKA twigs recently announced the impending release of LP1, her debut album, but she’s just now come out with a video for “Ache,” an instrumental track from last years EP1. Her amazing past videos, for tracks like “Water Me” and “Papi Pacify,” are the sorts of things that linger long after you’ve watched them, but those videos depend on effects and theatricality. The new video, rechristened “tw-Ache” for whatever reason, leaves nearly as deep of an impression, and it does it with a much simpler setup. The whole video is just twigs and a couple of male dancers performing an elaborately choreographed dance in a big, empty room. And while there’s a sexual element to it, the video is more about physical exertion, about the strain on tendons as she pulls herself up on ceiling pipes. Tom Beard directs, and you can watch it below.

(via Dazed Digital)

LP1 is out 8/12 on Young Turks, and EP1 is out now.