Morrissey’s Still In The Hospital, According To Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard was a ’50s-vintage British pop idol who hung onto pop-music relevance for way, way longer than anyone could’ve ever expected; he scored his last British #1 in 1990. This past weekend, he was scheduled to open for Morrissey at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, which would’ve been Richard’s first American show since 1981. That booking says fascinating things about both Morrissey and Richard, but the show was not to be. We all know what happened: Morrissey got sick and canceled the rest of his tour, amidst acrimony with opening act Kristeen Young. Richard still came to New York and instead headlined the small Gramercy Theater. And from the stage, he said that Morrissey might be sicker than we realized. According to this Rock NYC concert review, Richard said that Morrissey, at least as of this past weekend, was still in the hospital. He also said he’d be happy to support Morrissey if he tours again.