You Blew It! – “Surf Wax America” (Weezer Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

You Blew It! – “Surf Wax America” (Weezer Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

It would be correct to say “Surf Wax America” is one of the most beloved songs on Weezer’s self-titled “Blue Album,” except all those songs are passionately beloved. (Even “Holiday“!) Still, Tanner Jones makes a good case for why You Blew It! included “Surf Wax” as part of their new Blue Album tribute EP You Blue It:

We chose “Surf Wax” because it’s a really great song, plain and simple. We didn’t want to do singles from the record, and luckily “Surf Wax” is one of those cuts that could have held its own as one, but seemed untouched enough to allow a fresh perspective on it. Not that we or any other band could, but we really didn’t want to try and out-do Weezer. Our goal was to add our touch to Blue, but first and foremost, we wanted pay tribute to the songs themselves in the most respectful way possible. “Surf Wax” is a great example of that I think.

This is a fairly straightforward cover, but it does have a few special You Blew It! touches as Jones mentioned. The surf-oriented opening riff has been morphed into a snaky, emotive cat’s cradle of a guitar part that’s right in You Blew It!’s wheelhouse. And rather than explode into power chords for the big finish, they opted for a moody, ethereal outro that really does put this band’s stamp on a classic track. Listen again for the first time below.

You Blue It is out digitally 7/15 and on 10-inch vinyl 8/12 via Topshelf. Pre-order it in vinyl and digital formats.

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