Kanye Fulfills Community Service By Teaching At Fashion School

If you’ve ever been given court-ordered community service, you know that it’s a real drag, usually a highest-possible-level-of-drudgery type of task. I once had to do clerical work at a library, and it felt like I’d won the lottery. But Kanye West has figured out how to do community service in a way that probably won’t suck completely and will actually serve the community. Earlier this year, a judge sentenced Kanye to two years of probation and 250 hours of community service after he attacked a paparazzi last year. And now TMZ reports that he’s fulfilling those hours by speaking at colleges. Yesterday, he visited L.A. Trade Technical College, which specializes in clothing design, for the third time in three months, talking about his time in the fashion industry for three hours. It would be cool if he spent some of that community-service time teaching people about music, but this still seems like a pretty good use of that sentence.

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