Connections – “Beat The Sky” (Stereogum Premiere)

Connections – “Beat The Sky” (Stereogum Premiere)

Columbus pop-rock powerhouse Connections churn out genius compact anthems with a prolificacy that often gets them comparisons to a certain other Ohio band, but as I explained over the winter, at this point their sound is unmistakably their own. Having encapsulated their sizable output so far with January’s Year One compilation, they’re moving on to Into Sixes, their third LP in under two years. The lead single is “Beat The Sky,” which is not about pumping your fist triumphantly but will probably inspire that kind of action. This is an alternate-universe classic rock radio jam — huge power chords, driving rhythm, hooky guitar leads, even some rollicking piano — and the ragtag punk-rock abandon with which it’s bashed out never carries it off course. Listen below.

Into Sixes is out 8/19 on Anyway. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Aylia”
02 “Apt By The Interstate”
03 “Cruise Control”
04 “Beat the Sky”
05 “Calm Down”
06 “Scanners”
07 “Home By The Sea”
08 “You Won’t Forget It”
09 “Extremely Boss”
10 “Minister Of Ah Ah Ah”
11 “Brothers And Sisters”
12 “Angie”
13 “Awesome Beach”

Also check out Connections’ Record Store Day 7-inch and look out for the 5 Imaginary Boys EP coming soon on Hozac.

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