Pearl Jam Covered “Let It Go” At The Request Of Eddie Vedder’s Daughter

On Friday night, during a show in Milan, Pearl Jam, a band who plays a lot of covers, took a pretty extreme left turn, interrupting “Daughter” to briefly cover “Let It Go,” the juggernaut power-ballad from the Disney cartoon Frozen. As it turns out, Eddie Vedder had a very good reason for singing the song: His daughter asked him to do it. Vedder has a five-year-old, and as the father of a five-year-old daughter, I can confirm that we are asked to sing “Let It Go” about every 12 minutes.

As Consequence Of Sound points out, the news comes from a friend of Vedder, the cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, who has written and drawn the leftist alt-weekly comic strip This Modern World for about the last 24 years. Here’s what Tomorrow says on Twitter: “So that clip of Pearl Jam doing the song from Frozen? That was a request — from Eddie Vedder’s five year old daughter. Just got off the phone with Ed and he told me I should tweet that. He also wants everyone to know that his daughter sings it better.”

His daughter couldn’t really sing it worse, you know?