Guerilla Toss – “Cookie”

Boston warehouse-punk spazzouts have apparently set themselves the near-impossible goal of making Need New Body sound calm and staid; few bands in history have backed that much restless ADD ping-ponging into their songs. (Remember Need New Body? From Philly? I am old.) Guerilla Toss have a new cassette release called 367 Equalizer coming next month, and we’ve already posted the weirdly funky title track. The next song they’ve shared is called “Cookie,” and it lurches in a million different directions at once. If you fell into a sugar-crash coma after eating too much cotton candy and someone blasted old Troubleman Unlimited compilations at you while you were sleeping, this is the kind of music that might appear in your dreams. Listen below.

(via SPIN)

The extremely limited 367 Equalizer is part of an Infinity Cat subscription series, and it’s out 7/15. Sign up for the series here.