Lil Wayne – “Krazy”

Lil Wayne and Chris Paul, the greatest point guard in the NBA today, became friends when Paul played for Wayne’s hometown team, the New Orleans Hornets. Paul has since left the Hornets for the L.A. Clippers, but he and Wayne remain close. Paul visited Wayne in the hospital last year after he’d suffered some scary seizures, and now, rather than picking a big media outlet to premiere his new single “Krazy,” Wayne gave it to Paul, and Paul threw it up on his Twitter last night. “Krazy” follows “Believe Me” and “D’Usse” as the latest single from Wayne’s forthcoming album Carter V, and it’s an absolute monster, with a minimal and punishing beat from producer Infamous and no hook to speak of. We’ve now heard three songs from Carter V, and all three are, at the very least, pretty good, which is a good sign that Wayne is recapturing at least some of his mojo. Listen to “Krazy” below.

Carter V still has no release date, but Wayne claims it’ll be the last album he releases before retiring.

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