Coheed And Cambria Pay Superfan’s Mortgage

Growing up, everyone around me was super in to Coheed And Cambria — they never really did it for me, but their affection for densely layered concept albums really inspire fans to dig deep into their discography and piece everything together. They also seem to be decent guys, too. After Cyndi Crouch, who helps run C&C fansite Cobalt And Calcium, posted a GoFundMe page asking for $3,500 to help pay for her mortgage payments, the band pledged $3,000. Guitar player Travis Stever told TMZ they did it because “she’s a really awesome fan who is extra proactive and supports the band in everything we do.” I’m not sure how comfortable I am with asking strangers for money online but, hey, I’m in no position to judge and if anyone ever wants to help me pay rent, just let me know! Thanks.

[Photo by Lindsey Byrnes.]