Foster The People Working With Amber Coffman, Soko, Night Beds

Foster The People are arguably the most boring successful band on the entire planet, and years after “Pumped Up Kicks,” they are still showing up on festival posters in a bigger font-size than your favorite band. But they seem to be at least vaguely interested in becoming less boring. Talking to NME recently, the members of the band detailed how they spent a few weeks between recent tours working in the studio with a ton of outside collaborators: “In-between tours, we were in the studio for a couple of weeks and worked with a bunch of different artists, just writing and producing and working on stuff for maybe the next record.” That list of artists is an intriguing one: The in-demand Dirty Projectors vocalist Amber Coffman, the French singer-songwriter Soko, the sensitive Nashville roots-rocker Night Beds, and the actress and singer Jena Malone. You’d think that, given that cast of collaborators, they’d have to come up with something, right?