Ashrae Fax – “CHKN”

Ashrae Fax – “CHKN”

Mexican Summer have an awesome track record of finding albums overlooked in their time and bringing them back to people’s attention. Sometimes those artists will even get the chance to record something new and release it to a fan base they should have gotten during their initial run. That happened recently with Linda Perhacs’ grand return starting with her first New York show last year and leading up to the release of her first album in 44 years. Now they’ve done it again with a band that’s a little bit more contemporary, but just as deserving of people’s attention.

Ashrae Fax recorded one album titled Static Crash! in 2003 and then broke up, but last year the label reissued that album. Now the North Carolina duo will soon release a follow-up and their first new music in 11 years. It’s called Never Really Be Into It, and you can listen to the first single “CHKN” below. It’s a wonderfully hazy bit of dream pop that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on 4AD in the early late 80s, or Mexican Summer during the 2000s, but it also sounds just right in 2014.

Never Really Been Into It is out 9/26 via Mexican Summer.

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