Brandy – “Magic” (Coldplay Cover)

Word to Cat Power: Chris Martin’s songs can often sound better when people other than Chris Martin cover them. The R&B lifer Brandy is apparently some kind of Coldplay megafan. Her 2004 Timbaland-produced song “Should I Go” sampled “Clocks,” and that was back in the era when it was novel for rap and R&B types to acknowledge Coldplay. And now Brandy has recorded a perfectly lovely cover of “Magic,” Coldplay’s recent single. The song is about as faithful as covers get; it seems to use the original’s instrumental version, and Brandy doesn’t really switch up Martin’s inflections or anything. But it’s still worth hearing, simply because Brandy’s voice is great. You can hear the song below via That Grape Juice.

Tags: Brandy, Coldplay