Emily Browning & Belle & Sebastian – “God Help The Girl”

Yesterday, we learned the news that Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch had written and directed God Help The Girl, a musical movie based on the solo project he released in 2009. That movie now has an American release date, and so does its soundtrack, which Murdoch put together with the help of his band. And below, you can hear a new version of the movie’s title track, which originally appeared on Murdoch’s God Help The Girl album. Emily Browning, the star of the movie, sang the new one, and Belle & Sebastian backed her up. We’ve also got the tracklist for the soundtrack LP below.

01 “I Suppose That Was A Prayer”
02 “Act Of The Apostle”
03 “I Dumped You First”
04 “Pretty When The Wind Blows”
05 “I Know I Have to Eat”
06 “God Help The Girl”
07 “The Psychiatrist Is In”
08 “The God Of Music”
09 “If You Could Speak”
10 “The Catwalk Of The Dukes”
11 “Perfection As A Hipster”
12 “Fuck This Shit”
13 “Pretty Eve In The Tub”
14 “A Loving Kind Of Boy”
15 “What Do You Want This Band To Sound Like”
16 “Come Monday Night”
17 “Collective Idiocy”
18 “I’m Not Rich”
19 “I’ll Have To Dance With Cassie”
20 “Stalinist Russia”
21 “Baby’s Just Waiting”
22 “Partick Whistle”
23 “Musician Please Take Heed”
24 “I Just Want Your Jeans”
25 “Invisible”
26 “The World’s Last Cassette”
27 “Down And Dusky Blonde”
28 “Dress Up In You”
(via Pitchfork)

In North America, God Help The Girl is in theaters and on demand 9/5, and the soundtrack is out 9/2 on Milan.