Young The Giant Also Catch Frisbee On Stage, Challenge Weezer To “Frisbee Duel”

Much was made of Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson’s admittedly impressive mid-song Frisbee grab last month. Now another especially poppy and wildly popular alt-rock ensemble has taken to flying disc hijinks. At last weekend’s Mo Pop Festival in Sterling Heights, MI, Young The Giant singer Sameer Gadhia offered an audience member near the back of the venue a high-five if he’d throw his Frisbee on stage. The throw made it all the way from the rafters and into Gadhia’s grasp. Check it out.

Now Young The Giant is challenging Weezer to a Frisbee duel, asking fans to vote on which catch was more impressive. Obviously Weezer’s catch, right? Wilson pulled that off while performing, unsolicited, without missing a beat. If anything, the fan’s throw was more impressive than Gadhia’s catch.

[Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images.]