The Bug – “Void” (Feat. Grouper) & “Function”

As the Bug, Kevin Martin makes hard, physical, almost assaultive dance music. He’s the type of producer who releases a Death Grips collab called “Fuck A Bitch,” and we’re like, “Yeah, that sounds about right.” As Grouper, Liz Harris makes warm, amorphous, organic ambient music. The two are a weird match for one another, but they’ve come together on “Void,” a track from the Bug’s new album Angels & Devils. And honestly, they sound great together, with Harris’s ethereal and reverbed-out voice floating above Martin’s heaving electronics. Martin has also shared “Function,” a collaboration with the grime rapper Manga, and that one is more the heaving, anthemic type of thing we’ve come to expect from the Bug. Both “Void” and “Function” kick hard, and you can listen to both tracks below.

Angels & Devils is out 8/26 on Ninja Tune.