Juicy J – “Scholarship” (Feat. A$AP Rocky) Video

Last year, Juicy J promised to give away a twerking scholarship, and then he gave a girl a $50,000 scholarship for non-twerking reasons. Today, he’s made a video for “Scholarship,” a song about paying strippers’ tuition money. It’s a theme for him! The song features A$AP Rocky, and it comes from last year’s Stay Trippy album. The murky new video has a whole lot of Juicy and Rocky spending time with young ladies with busy asses. But the video’s worth watching mostly for its sense of atmosphere, something videos like this usually throw to the side. It seems like a fine distinction, but it makes a difference if you shoot on location at a strip club rather than inviting a bunch of girls to a green-screened studio. Watch the video below.

(via Miss Info)

Stay Trippy is out now on Columbia.