Here’s The Rap Video Behind That #WeStillComing Photo

Over the past few weeks, a viral story has been making the rounds about the wedding photo above that was declared “the best wedding photo ever.” The supposed story behind the photo was that a bride-to-be texted a wrong number with the location of a BBQ/wedding photo party and the recipient replied with “We still coming,” which inspired a hashtag and countless posts in an effort to attract pageviews. (Hey…)

As with most viral stories, it was all a fake. Well, kind of. The text message conversation never happened, but the real story should have been interesting enough to spread across the web without making stuff up. Buzzfeed did some heavy investigative reporting and found out that the photo happened when a couple went to the abandoned Michigan Central Station in Detroit to take their photos and happened upon rap group 7262 shooting a video. They decided to team up: the couple got a cool wedding photo and the rap group got to use some slo-mo footage of the bridesmaids. The song’s not very good, but you can watch the video that inspired #WeStillComing below.

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