clipping. – “Story 4: Sleeplessly Embracing” (alt-J – “Hunger Of The Pine” Remix)

Last month, we heard “Hunger Of The Pine,” our first taste of new alt-J album This Is All Yours. Around the same time, alt-J drummer Thom Green discussed his appreciation of clipping.’s noise-rap experiments. Now, the two capitalization-averse artists have joined forces, with clipping. blowing the electronic atmospherics of “Hunger Of The Pine” out into an explosive stutter with moments of quiet beauty, crafting an eerie hook out of the “sleeplessly embracing” refrain (and leaving out the Miley). Listen below.

alt-J’s This Is All Yours is out 9/23 on Canvasback/Infectious. clipping.’s CLPPNG is out now via Sub Pop.

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