Self Released A New EP And Played Kimmel Last Night

Hey, remember Self? No. No, you probably don’t. You’re probably too young. It’s OK; I’ll fill you in. Self was the project of the Tennessee-based Matt Mahaffey, and he built himself up a serious cult following with his 1995 debut album Subliminal Plastic Motives, a piece of jagged, Beck-esque, bedroom-recorded cut-and-paste power pop. Self eventually became a real band and released a few more albums, staying quietly active all these years but not releasing any new studio music in the last 14 years. Mahaffey stayed busy by doing music for cartoons and by writing the jingle. But on Tuesday, Self suddenly released an out-of-nowhere new EP called Super Fake Nice, a project first announced in 2007. Last night, they also served as musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they played the EP song “Runaway” and, as an online exclusive, the Subliminal Plastic Motives song “Lucid Anne.” Watch both performances and stream the EP below.

(via Noisey)

Super Fake Nice is out now. Subliminal Plastic Motives got a rerelease on vinyl via Fat Possum earlier this year.