Recycle Culture – “Drown Me Up”

Recycle Culture’s output is purposefully a little enigmatic, meant to push ever so slightly against the boundaries of how we describe music. In his Bandcamp profile, Erik Moline characterizes what he does as “collecting, collapsing, composting & connecting classic & contemporary cultural components to construct complexed compositions.” Besides the impressive use of alliteration, his description hints at a vague unknowableness about the nature of his compositions. “Drown Me Up” is an 18-minute excursion of experimental electronics, an enticing collection of tribal beats and meditative ambiance. Moline says that it’s five individual pieces strung together, but it’s still hard to definitively call it a song or an album — it progresses from one idea to the next, which hints at some sort of delineation that we’d typically label “tracks,” but there’s frustratingly no way to isolate any of these moments and make them stand on their own. But just because it’s a little hard to pin down doesn’t mean that it keeps itself at a distance. Like all the best experimental music, Recycle Culture makes you feel, but it’s a different sort of feeling, one that’s a little amorphous and adaptable to your own mood. It only really reveals itself once you project a piece of yourself into it. Listen below.

“Drown Me Up” and other Recycle Culture compositions are available on Bandcamp.