Fan’s Finger Bitten Off At Beyoncé/Jay Z Concert

We’ve all had the experience of being stuck near an absolute asshole at a show, but the 25-year-old San Diego resident Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica allegedly took that being-an-asshole thing to surreal new heights this past weekend. On Saturday night, Beyoncé and Jay Z played the first of two co-headlining shows at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl stadium, as part of their On The Run tour. As the Wrap reports, a police report claims that Alcaraz-Garcia groped a woman in the crowd, and the two got into a fight. During that fight, Alcaraz-Garcia bit said boyfriend’s fingertip off, causing “serious injury,” according to Pasadena Police Department Lieutenant John Luna. (Maybe he didn’t actually bite the entire finger off, but still.) Alcaraz-Garcia was arrested for sexual battery and mayhem.

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