Watch Perfume Genius Play New Songs “I Decline” & “My Body” At OFF Festival

Perfume Genius was on the lineup for Poland’s OFF Festival last weekend and played two new songs from his upcoming album Too Bright. He started the show off with album opener “I Decline,” which is a true-to-form contemplative piano ballad, and later played “My Body,” which is a much noisier and experimental track. This isn’t the first time he’s played either song live: they showed up on his setlist at SXSW and at a show in Tokyo, but it is the first time there’s good quality video of them. Watch below — “I Decline” is at the very beginning and “My Body” starts at the 10-minute mark.

“I Decline”
“Take Me Home”
“Dark Parts”
“My Body”
“Look Out, Look Out”
“Sister Song”
“All Waters”
“Floating Spit”
“Rusty Chains”
“Mr. Peterson”

Too Bright is out 9/22 via Matador