ICP-Dissing Man Loses Arm After Juggalos Try To Carve Off His Tattoo

Insane Clown Posse have hundreds of thousands of fans across the country, and there’s always a temptation to damn the entire group because there are some fucked up individuals in there. (It’s what ICP tried to sue the FBI for doing.) But wow, there are some fucked up individuals in there. So here’s a lurid story from Maryland’s Eastern shore: One man has lost an arm, allegedly because two others didn’t believe he’d “earned” the tattoo on it.

DelMarVa Now reports that 33-year-old Paul Martin Hurst and 35-year-old Cary Lee Edwards are facing first-degree attempted murder charges and being held without bond for what they did to their Hebron, Maryland housemate, 31-year-old Zachary Swanson. According to Wicomico County sheriff Mike Lewis, Swanson was “severely beaten and nearly killed” with a “stick-like weapon,” possibly the handle of a yard tool. They also set Swanson’s arm on fire and used knives on it in an attempt to “forcibly carve out a unique tattoo.” They then left him on the ground for several hours without medical treatment, though Edwards eventually helped drive him to the hospital. Swanson’s arm was amputated below the elbow, and he also suffered brain bleeding, fractures, and 11 broken ribs.

The story, the way it’s being told in the press is that the two suspects thought that Swanson had disrespected Insane Clown Posse in some way and that he didn’t deserve to keep his tattoo. That’s probably an oversimplification; they were also reportedly mad at the way Swanson treated his girlfriend, who is Edwards’ sister. Still: Yikes.