Chvrches Cancel Outside Lands Set Due To Border-Crossing Trouble

Chvrches had to cancel today’s performance at Outside Lands because of border-crossing trouble. In a Facebook post, the band apologized and said that only half of the band and their gear made it to San Francisco because of “major mess ups by Vancouver airport and a healthy dose of bad luck.” In a comment, one of the band members elaborated: “We got up at 3am […] and were due to arrive in San Francisco 9 hours before the set so had the ground staff and airline done their jobs properly, we would have been able to play.” It worries me a little that only half of a three-person band didn’t make it through, so let’s hope that Lauren Mayberry isn’t decapitated and lying on the floor of some Canadian airport. Read their full message below.

Hi guys. We are really sorry to say that we won’t be playing at Outside Lands 2014 today as only half the band and gear made it to San Francisco due to major mess ups by Vancouver airport and a healthy dose of bad luck.

We tried everything and pleaded with the ground staff to let the rest of the gang, who had by then made it to the gate, on the plane but it was not to be.

We are so gutted that we can’t play but hope everyone has a great time at the festival and we’ll hopefully see you guys again soon.

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty.]