Valery Gore – “With The Future” (Stereogum Premiere)

Toronto musician Valery Gore is about to release an album four years in the making called Idols In The Dark Heart. It’s an exploration of the complexity of human relationships across a variety of sounds. Whereas lead single “Amsterdam” had more of a jazzy chamber-pop feel, opening track and second single “With The Future” is all clattering percussion (of the digital and physical varieties), interstellar synths, and programmed vocals. Gore had this to say about the song’s origin and her reason for leading off the album with it:

“With The Future” is about a relationship coming to a restless end, where one person knows what they want out of life while the other lacks direction. It was one of the last songs written for the album, and came about pretty quickly one afternoon. I think the simplicity and repetition are appropriate for the desperate question driving the song (What do you want with the future at your fingertips?). As track one of the album, it seems to lead the other 10 tracks into trying to answer what kind of person/friend/family/lover I want to be for others.

Hear “With The Future” below.

Idols In The Dark Heart is out independently on 9/9. Pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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