Follies – “I Make Sense” (Stereogum Premiere)

It takes a few listens to really catch onto the rhythm of “I Make Sense” — it’s a purposefully tonally bizarre and off-kilter piece of psych-punk. The song is a masterful example of give-and-take, drowning itself in sludge for the most part but letting pieces of a warm underbelly peek through. There’s a beautiful moment in the chorus where all the rough edges slip away and the song practically envelops you in its glow. Follies is the project of Phil Hartunian, who cites the Microphones as a major influence and, while the two don’t share many sonic sensibilities, they both derive their strength from instinctual production choices that just feel right, even if they don’t necessarily make sense on paper. Listen below.

Tour Dates:
08/23 Biddeford, ME @ The Oak and the Axe
08/24 Boston, MA @ Netherland in Jamaica Plain
08/28 CT @ TBA
08/30 North Hampton, ME @ Wret Wrack

“I Make Sense” is from an upcoming split album between Follies and Wishbone (which is comprised of Hartunian, Jasper McMahon, and Henry Kwapis. It’s out 9/8 on Double Double Whammy.

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