Joey Bada$$ – “Big Dusty” Video

The young Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ is still a teenager, but he’s been kicking around the mixtape circuit for a couple of years, and he’s finally getting ready to release his official debut album B4DA$$. First single “Big Dusty” is a glimmering piece of mid-’90s style boom-bap, and the video, true to the Pro Era aesthetic, looks like something that could’ve been in light Rap City rotation during the second Clinton term. Dee Frosted directed the video, and it’s so murky and atmospheric that I can’t watch it without getting severe Boot Camp Clik flashbacks. (That’s a good thing.) Various New York underground luminaries make cameos, and A$AP Ferg is almost as good at standing in the background in rap videos as he is at rapping. Watch the video below.

B4DA$$ is coming sometime this fall.