Ex Cops – “Black Soap” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn duo Ex Cops are preparing to release Daggers, their latest set of sleek, shoegaze-inflected urbanite pop. Lead single “Black Soap” now has glamorous yet ominous visuals shot on 16mm film that look as much like a fashion shoot as a music video. It’s as appealing to the eyeballs as the song is to the eardrums, which is to say, very. Here’s what director Philippe Grenade had to say about it:

In a world where DSLR videos are a norm, it’s refreshing to return to the now archaic format of 16mm film, not only for its beautiful granular structure and ’70s cult cinema aesthetic, but also because there is no magic in instant gratification. Lacking the ability to playback a take and then sending off a can of undeveloped film to the lab without an inkling of an idea if what you’ve shot is absolute gold or absolute shit or if a light leak ruined all your fantastic images is the most excitingly anticipatory feeling as a filmmaker.

Watch the “Black Soap” video below.

Daggers is out 10/28 on Downtown.