Kelela – “OICU” (Feat. Le1f)

The L.A.-based singer Kelela and the New York rapper Le1f are two rare beasts: Vocalists who know how navigate weird, sparse, avant-dance production without losing any trace of their personalities. And now they’ve joined forces for a new track that takes full advantage of that gift. P. Morris produced their new single “OICU,” which has an aqueous, queasy synth and drums that seem to be trying to pull the track apart. And yet both Kelela and Le1f sound tough and cool and composed over an absolutely unforgiving track, and the result is a song that feels like it could top charts in some Fifth Element vision of the future. Listen to it below.

(via Pitchfork)

This appears to be a one-off collab, with no word that these two have plans to team up again. But wouldn’t it be awesome if they did a full-length together?