Odd Future’s Flan Emoji Doesn’t Like The Taylor Swift Video Either

Yesterday we heard about Earl Sweatshirt’s distaste for Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” video. Earl wasn’t the only one displeased with Swift’s treatment of black stereotypes; among those mocking “Shake It Off” was Fool’s Gold founder and Duck Sauce member A-Trak. Check the screengrab:

A-Trak is one of the world’s most famous DJs. He used to DJ for Kanye West. As a solo act or as half of Duck Sauce, he gets primo billing at major music festivals. But as Spin points out, The Daily Mail hilariously misidentified him as a member of Odd Future named Flan Emoji in their report on the controversy, both in the body text and in a photo caption:

Someone at the Mail clearly thought the name on A-Trak’s Twitter profile was his stage name, which is a fair mistake, albeit one that could have been avoided by fact-checking. But who knows how they decided he must be a member of Odd Future, other than the fact that Flan Emoji is totally the kind of name some Odd Future member would adopt. In any case, A-Trak seems to be in good spirits about it:

[Photo by Natalie Cass/Getty Images.]