Thurston Moore: “Black Metal Is Music Made By Pussies Of The Lowest Order”

Last year, Thurston Moore hooked up with American black metal supergroup Twilight for what would become that band’s third and final album, III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb, released at the beginning of 2014. III is a really good album, but its creation was nothing short of a hot fucking mess, due in no small part to the actions of deposed Twilight co-founder Blake Judd, also of Nachtmystium. I wrote a whole bunch about those actions last year — in short: Judd stole from his friends and fans and he landed in jail for theft. Judd publicly expressed contrition and asked me to share his apologies with Stereogum readers — which I did — but according to the internet, he’s once again up to no good: There’s now a Facebook group dedicated to documenting Judd’s alleged scams, which I predict will result in either a class-action lawsuit and/or another bus ride to county. Orange is the new black metal! Anyway, Thur-Mo’s BM dabbling is apparently in the rearview, and who can blame him? Being involved in that trainwreck would have scared off just about anyone. A press release for Full Bleed, the upcoming album from the Moore-John Moloney collaboration Caught On Tape, includes this pretty random exchange re: black metal:

Q: How did playing black metal rub off on you for Full Bleed? It certainly sounds like it may have.

Thurston Moore: Black Metal is music made by pussies of the lowest order, and we felt it was necessary to investigate this aberrant anti-music behaviour. We feel like the sound and attitude of black metal is a loss of self, life, light and desire in a way where it becomes so negative that a whole new bliss arrives where we become super pussy.

I’m not at all clear what the fuck Thurston is talking about here — he doesn’t seem to be using the word “pussy” pejoratively, which is cool, but he’s also not exactly reclaiming it a la Perfect Pussy or Pussy Riot or Pussy Galore. I’m also not sure why he’s speaking in the first-person plural, because there’s no “we” here — the other members of Twilight are pretty much black metal lifers, not dilettantes who feel it “necessary to investigate” the genre. But if he’s referring specifically to working (or not working) with Blake, I think a lot of folks would agree that terms such as “lowest order,” “so negative,” and “loss of [X]” would apply. Caveat emptor.

(Via BrooklynVegan)