Dreamers – “My Little Match” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn-based band Dreamers have a knack for crafting infectious choruses. The band got their start as Motive and toured with fellow rock revivalists like the Vaccines and Bear Hands before paring themselves down to three members and rebranding. On their debut single “Wolves,” the band successfully mixed grunge with ’70s rock pastiche. The sound behind their new song “My Little Match” is a little harder to pin down. The band cites John Lennon and David Lynch as influences, who certainly contribute to their psych-tinged goth-rock, but that comparison doesn’t wholly capture what the band is all about. Instead, they’ve taken little bits and pieces from the past six decades of rock and molded it into something fresh and interesting. Listen below.

Dreamers’ debut album This Album Does Not Exist is out 11/18.

[Photo by Kirstin Roby.]

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