Riff Raff To Sam Smith: “Your Face Is Super Huge”

This past Sunday, Riff Raff was Katy Perry’s date to the VMAs. They wore matching denim leisurewear, an apparent tribute to the outfits that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears had worn to the show during the peak teenpop era, and they looked terrifying. Both of them were seated in the front row, so the world got to see plenty of reaction shots. Sam Smith was also sitting nearby, and Riff, Perry, Smith, and Charli XCX posed together for a few I-guess-this-is-what-pop-music-is-now photos. Smith made the controvsersial decision to post one of those photos on Instagram, cropping Riff Raff’s terrible fanged visage out of it, and he thus incurred Riff’s wrath. Here’s what Riff Raff wrote on Twitter: “THANKS FOR CUTTiNG ME OUT OF THE PiCTURE U CHUBBY LiTTLE FUCK FACTORY P.S. YOUR FACE iS SUPER HUGE @samsmithworld.” Seriously. “Chubby little fuck factory.” If I could be as funny as Riff Raff on Twitter, I would probably have an SNL writing job by now.