Like Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande Bans Photos Of Her Bad Side. Also, Don’t Ask Her About Mariah Carey.

Ariana Grande’s euphorically arching R&B vocal style has attracted many, many comparisons to Mariah Carey. Here’s another way the two singers are alike: Brisbane newspaper The Courier Mail notes that Grande insists photographers “shoot only from the left side of her face” and went so far as to send security after a photographer who dared take pictures from the right. Carey prefers to be photographed from the right, not the left, but the concept is the same.

Grande’s insistence on hiding her “bad side” isn’t going to help her wipe questions about Carey out of journalists’ notebooks. Apparently The Elusive Chanteuse is one of several no-nos when daring to breach Grande’s presence. The full list:

DON’T ask questions about:
(1) Relationships/Dating/Ex-boyfriends
(2) Mariah Carey
(3) Sam & Cat/Jennette McCurdy
(4) Working/collaborating with Justin Bieber
(5) Her grandfather passing away

Honestly, My Everything is interesting enough to yield a boatload of actual musical questions, so all the personal business is probably the least fascinating stuff you could ask Grande about. But if you’re gonna sing like Mariah — and enact ridiculous photography standards like Mariah — be prepared to answer questions about Mariah.

[Photo (from the left) by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.]